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#999/364 – Umbauten

Verehrte Leserschaft
Hier ist seit über einer Woche kein neuer Post erschienen: Klammheimlich, still und leise habe ich mein Projekt 364 beendet.
Auf dieser Seite wird nun für eine kleine Weile Ruhe herrschen. Sie wird jetzt umgebaut zu meiner Landingpage, dem neuen Webauftritt. Das wird ein paar Wochen in Anspruch nehmen.
Bis es soweit ist, verweise ich Euch auf meinen Facebook-Auftritt und natürlich auf die Projekte in der Kohlenstoffwelt.
Ich danke allen geduldigen Lesern dieses Blogs, ich umarme Euch
Der Jensen
(Danke an Jens Wolter für dieses Bild, Danke an Dieter für die Location und das zauberhafte Kleid)

#391/364 – (Holls challenge day 24 – bokeh)

You may already have seen a very similar picture. Bokeh pictures may nicely be taken in the wohnzimmerstudios studio. Here a result from one of my modelsharings, this time with my outstanding model Chris van de Ostsee:

#389/364 – (Holls challenge day 22 – symmetry)

That is a bad coincidence. Today’s daily theme symmetry is exactly the topic for mondays challenge in our fotoclub. So, be patient, I will add this pic later, once I won the competion.
Later that day, we reviewed our experiences and pictures from our nude-trip to greece:
IMG_9603 IMG_9178

#386/364 – Workshop (Holls challenge day 19 – something blue)

As always on wednesdays, I conducted one of my frequent happy model sharings in our studio. Todays model was Ann-Katrin, with outstanding performance.
Both two pictures are just slightly developed, not photoshopped. A hair here and some eyebrow there are left but I focus on the evening, not on the picture thereafter. It is better to have one hour in studio instead of burning one hour alone in front of the computer…
IMG_0020 IMG_0041-2So, what’s about the daily motto something blue? Nothing. I didn’t feel blue..

#385/364 – (Holls Challenge day 18 – architecture)

Yet another day with a difficult challenge. Even more, as I do not do architecture in my photograhpic ambition. On top, I try to combine the daily motto with my real world experiences.
Can You guess, what I did today?

#384/364 – Klock8 (Holls challenge day 17 – food)

It starts to get even more complicated for me. I did not take any pictures today and I had no additional food during our weekly meeting of Fototreff Rostock, the local foto club. So, what to do now? Food, hmmm, let’s take a forecast on wednesdays workshop in my studio:

#383/364 – quiet sunday (Holls challenge day 16 – love)

Well, there is a whole lot of love around. My beloved wife allows my photographic extravangances and doesn’t complain too much about all the barely clothed people around. And we just came back from Venice….
Thanks, Madam.
Today, we went to Schwerin to the creative market over there. Nothing else to report from today, as I made some paperwork, correspondance and planning of events.
IMG_9968 IMG_9971

#382/364 – reviewing Venice shooting (Holls challenge day 15 – something red)

Gee, red as todays motto?
OK, I take this. I fit’s perfectly to AlItalia’s attitude towards handling my luggage: This night, I got for the first time in four journeys with AlItalia my bags already on the airport back, not days or weeks thereafter. Well done:
Besides this challenge, not too much happend today. I sorted pictures and memories from our previous trip to Venice. Some red peppers as a souvenir, for example:
IMG_9543and I am wondering, why this picture was on my card…. IMG_9756
Venice itself was a full success. I absolved my shooting program and all involved personell was happy with the results (I hope…):
IMG_9046  IMG_9305 IMG_9514  IMG_9825 IMG_9908 IMG_9911