#382/364 – reviewing Venice shooting (Holls challenge day 15 – something red)

Gee, red as todays motto?
OK, I take this. I fit’s perfectly to AlItalia’s attitude towards handling my luggage: This night, I got for the first time in four journeys with AlItalia my bags already on the airport back, not days or weeks thereafter. Well done:
Besides this challenge, not too much happend today. I sorted pictures and memories from our previous trip to Venice. Some red peppers as a souvenir, for example:
IMG_9543and I am wondering, why this picture was on my card…. IMG_9756
Venice itself was a full success. I absolved my shooting program and all involved personell was happy with the results (I hope…):
IMG_9046  IMG_9305 IMG_9514  IMG_9825 IMG_9908 IMG_9911

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