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#369/364 – smile (Holls challenge day 2 – something that makes You smile)

What a beautiful, sunny day. I had a check at my backup studio in Schwaan, where a mole now has his winter residence, obviously. I love to see that nature seems to work quiete well.
Later a short check at the stormy and cold coast,
and a fight for a suitable parking lot
and a coffee with Maria and her husband to discuss photographic details of projects yet to come.
All this made me smile today
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#368/364 – trapped (Holls challenge day 1 – selfie)

Photographically, I am today somewhat trapped in my own small world – between happy studio events, standard portraits with smiling people and real-world-limits (e.g. limited daylight those days due to 9to5 work).
Time to change that! I guess, my fellow readers expect more that. I regognized earlier, now it’s time to start.
Today, I gonna start off with a selfie showing these thoughts, by coincidence perfecly fitting into my latest challenge: